Monday, 4 July 2016

Warmer winter?

It seems like a warmer winter this year, but probably not. The temperatures of the radar sensors are significantly higher than last year. However, my position has changed. I am now installed close to the grounding line, an area where surface melt is predominant, and I feel it as well!

The GPS station are still at the same position of last year. However they moved with the motion of the ice shelf. Almost 500 m in less than 600 days.

GPS CGEO: my current position is 70.3999S, 25.0289E. I moved 471.6803m in direction N248.4208E in 571.9167 days.

GPS CDS: my current position is 70.4062S, 24.9927E. I moved 445.1747m in direction N248.9637E in 572.2083 days.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Hello: I am back in business, despite a small data gap :-)

GPS CDS: my current position is 70.4073S, 24.9939E. I moved 313.121m in direction N248.8688E in 403.7083 days.

GPS CGEO: my current position is 70.4011S, 25.0302E. I moved 331.5652m in direction N248.4636E in 403.4167 days.